About Herbal Medicine

Western Medical Herbalists are trained to degree level in Medical Sciences, to conduct physical examinations and refer for further testing/examinations when necessary. A Medical Herbalist is qualified to treat almost any condition you would take to your GP, by prescribing medicines from plant extracts.


Medical Herbalists use British, European, North American and Indian plant remedies to relieve symptoms and address underlying causes. Our decisions are based both on Traditional knowledge and latest scientific research (which often validates traditional knowledge). We work alongside doctors and patients in the diagnosis and management of many conditions, and always keep abreast of latest research.


Administered by qualified practitioners, herbal medicine is very safe and effective. Correct dose of herbs of the highest quality from reputable suppliers, mean side effects are very rare. We are trained to avoid drug interactions based on current research.


Herbal medicine can reduce the need for orthodox drugs by working alongside them, and can often reduce side effects. Long term chronic health conditions can be managed with diet and herbs, using conventional medicine only when it is really needed.


In the developed world today our bodies are constantly challenged by pollution, stress, drug resistance, side effects of drugs. Herbal medicine works with the body’s natural defence system in a gentle way to strengthen and support the body’s healing mechanisms and bring relief from both physical and mental disorders.


We conduct a detailed consultation takes every aspect of your health into account such as nutrition, past illnesses, current medication, family history, personal history and social circumstances. We then make a diagnosis based on the findings and where necessary may refer the patient for further tests. We draw up a management plan in co-operation with the patient and prescribe accordingly using remedies made form whole plant extracts. We treat people, not symptoms.

Follow up consultations are tailored to the patients’ experiences and changed as appropriate.


Prescriptions may be tinctures, teas, capsules, tablets, creams, lotions or oils. I also advise on nutritional support and may prescribe supplements where appropriate.



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