About Me

I have always been interested in people, what makes us tick and why we get the illnesses we do. Why do people react so differently to the same situation? Some thrive, others collapse. Or is it that we suppress our real reaction, only for it to emerge later on? Why do we keep on doing things we know aren’t good for us?


Our bodies are in a constant state of flux, reacting to everything around us and adjusting our internal homeostasis/balance through our hormones, nerves, muscles, digestion, skin and lungs. Our lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, work, relationships all play an important part in our wellbeing and unique makeup. Most of us have such a busy overstimulated lifestyle we have lost touch with our body and don’t know how to bring it back into balance.

Having worked in the Corporate world for some years, I decided to leave a stressful job and follow a different path. I originally trained as an Aromatherapist, going onto design and teach HNC/D courses in Aromatherapy and Complementary Healthcare. These courses looked at health from many different aspects, including different models of healthcare such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Energetic and Spiritual Healing.


Working with the healing essential oils from plants fired my interest in Herbal Medicine, and I started to study with a short Certificate course in 2005, followed by a B.Sc in Herbal Medicine (First Class) which I achieved from Middlesex University in 2011.


Over the past 30 years I have gained a deep understanding of people and disease and now I can bring in knowledge of the healing powers of plants, creating prescriptions which address the individual’s unique physical, emotional and psychological make up. This holistic approach allows me to address the underlying causes of disease rather than just treating the symptoms. Herbal medicine is gentle but powerful and together with management of diet and lifestyle can bring relief to many conditions.


I also work closely with other complementary healthcare practitioners (Acupuncturist, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Spiritual Healing, Counselling) and will always refer patients if I think a different health modality would benefit them.



Herbalist in Southam